About Us

Adventyx LLC provides a wide range of business, technology and support services through direct and partner solutions and applications. We listen to you, and present effective and innovative solutions to help achieve your goals. It’s like having a friend you can call on to solve a problem, and work with you and for you on the project.

Your contacts, clients and relationships are valuable, meaningful and important to you and your success. The Adventyx ASR Partnership program allows you to selectively introduce them to any or all Adventyx services, and receive a healthy referral commission for the qualified referral. Please contact us at info@adventyx.com and visit www.adventyx.com.

Benefits to you:
• Maintain client control and direction
• Minimize competitor access to your clients
• Establish new relationships when they do not choose your direct services
• Leverage Adventyx and partner resources
• Outsource the sales process for these services
• Increase one-time and ongoing revenues

Partnership Essentials:
• No quotas or weekly reports
• Not exclusive – you can compete with any Adventyx service
• Designed for active/frequent referrals or only a few each year
• Partner friendly – you choose your level of involvement in the sales process after your referral

·         Specialties

  • Agent-Powered Impact and Results – business and technology products and services